Best 3 Wireless Earbuds in Nepal

Best True Wireless Earbuds in Nepal

As we all know that nowadays smartphones are removing the headphone jack from almost all their devices and we are moving towards the wireless earphones, headsets, and earbuds era. As we are progressing the quality of the products are also improving rapidly. There is a constant competition between different manufactures on who can launch the best TWS earbuds quicker which can deliver at minimum cost.

Likewise, we have also picked our picks on the best True Wireless Earbuds in Nepal. So, you can find your product easily. These are our top 3 best true Wireless Earbuds in Nepal.

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen

The first pick on our list of Wireless Earbuds in Nepal is the all-new Apple AirPods 2. In my opinion, Apple AirPods is one of the best or the best TWS earbuds that you can find right now in Nepal.

Apple was the first to come with a TWS product as they started the trend of removing the headphone jack from their phones to improve the aesthetics and improve the battery life on the phone. The first-gen of Apple Airpods launched in 2016 and was the best TWS at the moment and this being the 2nd gen of the AirPods which were launched in 2019 has come with a number of changes.

It features one of the best Bluetooth range and has more improved chipset than before, the H1 chip is faster and provides more features than the W1’s. With this the also introduced the “Hey Siri” feature which was not present on the first-gen AirPods.

The battery life on this is also pretty good with the listening time of 5 hours and the case can give up to 12 hrs of standby. With the price tag of hefty Rs.30,500 it is one of the most expensive TWS that you can find in the Nepalese market right now. Overall it gives a good experience and is more convenient too but talking about the audio quality of these, I can surely say that this is not the best sounding earbud that I have ever listened too but considering the fact that it is a true wireless earbud it is not bad either.

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen
Price: Rs. 30,500
Wireless Earbuds in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The next pick on our list of Wireless Earbuds in Nepalis the Galaxy Buds. This the a current take of Samsung on the True Wireless Earbuds scene. Samsung also recently started removing the headphone jack from its flagship line-up starting with the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung was the probably the last phone manufacturer to remove the headphone jack from their phone. They tried to keep the headphone jack till they could but to make their new line-up of phones compete with the phone out on the market they need to bring the change too. This was announced along side the S10 in 2019, so this is fairly new and the first iteration of Samsung. Talking about the design it is more elegant and smaller and compact in size compared to others. It is also compatible with both android and iOS but with some features cut if you use it with apple.

The average listening time of this is around 6 hours and around 13 hours of standby with the case. Battery life is a bit better compared to Apple AirPods. It comes with adjustable ear tips that can be changed according to your preference. With the price tag of Rs.14,500 it is way cheaper than the Apple Airpods. But still gives a tough competition, without compromising anything.

The sound quality on this thing is also good and can also customize with an app that allows you to change the bass and equalize the sound quality accordingly. This is also one of the best TWS earbuds that you can find right now in the nepalese market.

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Price 14,500

Wireless Earbuds in Nepal

Redmi Airdots

The final pick on our list of Wireless Earbuds in Nepal is the Redmi Airdots. Compared to our other mention, it comes really low and cannot compare to them in any matter. But we also wanted to include a budget TWS that is also good on its own. If you want to experience the true wireless and don’t want and hassle with your audio system in a budget than this is the product for you. Redmi is a well know brand in the Nepalese market and also manufacture quality products at low price point.

With being the lowest branded TWS earbuds that you can find in the market right now. With the price tag of Rs. 2,000 it is the most affordable TWS that you can find. Its overall build is made off of plastic and it light and compact which will fit in your pocket easily. The sound quality on this is okay compared with our other two mentions. But with the price so low getting this is a good deal. It provides you with experience. Battery life is really good to with the listening time of 3hrs and the case being able to charge it 3 times fully.

Overall, this is a great if you want to experience the hassle-free experience but if your are looking for the sound quality than you should explore other products.

Redmi Airdots
Price: Rs 2,500
Wireless Earbuds in Nepal

So, these were the three best wireless earbuds, apple airpods, Samsung Galaxy buds and Redmi airdots available in the nepalese market although there are many Wireless Earbuds available in the nepalese market, but these three are the best one in their price range and their features . The market of the wireless earbuds are expanding rapidly we hope that we will see good competition in the Nepalese market of wireless earbuds.

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