Classiest Bike in Town|Royal Enfield Interceptor 650|

Royal Enfield Interceptor, A Retro Classic.

Transportation has played a great role in our lives. It has basically made our lives 10x easier and simpler. Now going from point A to point B has become a lot easier. Through the development of new technologies and devices, companies are able to manufacture better and faster transportation. As time changes, the design and architecture changes as well. You can witness a lot of manufacturing going with this trend. But, there is one particular company that has stuck with the retro classic looks and made it timeless, Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is an India Based Motorcycle manufacturing company with its tag line being “The oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production.” As the tag line states, it is the oldest global manufacturing brand and is widely known for its retro, classic designs of its motorcycle.

Royal Enfield released their 650cc interceptor way back in November of 2018. But recently, news has surfaced that Royal Enfield is releasing the gem of a motorcycle in Nepal as well. With almost perfect ratings across the board, this particular bike is to look out for when it drops in the Nepali market this year.

Design and Looks

When it comes to bikes and cars, architecture or design plays an important role. The first thing that grabs the attention of the rider is the design of the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t look appealing to the rider, the chances of purchase and riding drops significantly.

Royal Enfield Interceptor
Royal Enfield Interceptor

The Interceptor 650cc sports a retro, old but new in a sense. It doesn’t seek any sort of attention but with its chrome design, it does tend to catch some eyes. There are mudguards present in the bike itself make from metal than plastic with black extenders. Users can decide whether to add a toolkit or not as it all depends on the user preferences.


The other thing that is more important than design is the engine of the motorcycle. If the design of the bike or car looks sporty but doesn’t have the engine to back it up, the user might be unsatisfied. So to go along with the design, the bike should have a powerful engine to compliment the design.

Royal Enfield Interceptor
Royal Enfield Interceptor

The Royal Enfield Interceptor comes BS 6 emission standard. It is Air-Cooled and provides the user with 648cc of raw power. It can perform impressively well. It can dash out Max Power of 47 bhp @7250 rpm and Max Torque of 52 Nm @5250 rpm. As with almost all the bikes in the market, it has electronic fuel injection for fuel delivery.

Brakes and Suspension

The Interceptor has Tubular Steel Frame to support itself and has 41mm dia front fork, front suspension, and Twin, Coil-over Shock for the rear suspension for the shock absorption. As for the brakes, It comes with a dual disc brake, front, and rear, front disc being 320mm, and the Rear disc being 240mm.

Features and Safety

Royal Enfield Interceptor

There is some nice and subtle feature available in the Interceptor. It presents the rider with a Dual Channel ABS. It displays Tachometers, Tripmeter, Fuel Gauge in a digital form whereas, Speedometer, Odometer, are displayed in an analog form. It does have some safety features for the rider as well as the passenger such as footrest for the passengers and riders can add crash guards to protect their legs and such.


Emission StandardBS VI
Engine4 strokes, 2 Cylinders, 4 Valves per Cylinder, 648cc
Cooling SystemAir-Oil Cooled
Max Power47 bhp @ 7250 rpm
Max Torque52 Nm @5250 rpm
Fuel DeploymentFuel Injection
BrakesDisc Brake
SuspensionFront – 41mm dia Front Fork Rear – Twin, Coil-over Shock
Fuel Tank13.7 Liters  
Royal Enfield Interceptor

The Royal Enfield Interceptor is a great bike for someone who is looking for a powerhouse in a retro shell. This is a perfect bike for someone who is seeking for thrill while still looking classy and proper. The Interceptor should be available for purchase in late 2020. For more information regarding Royal Enfield

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