Bookgara A Revolutionary Platform In Nepal’s Service Industry 2022



COVID-19 pandemic took a huge toll on the lives of many people; the post-pandemic effect has been worse for some as they have a pile of debt to survive during the pandemic.As per UNDP, 3 out of 5 people were unemployed and it has impacted not just individually but also as society in general. The pandemic took a toll on our financial situation as well as mental health and to see all these sufferings is really difficult for us. In order to uplift and transform the service industry in Nepal, Bookgara is here with the idea of offering people all kinds of service by connecting customers and vendors. 

Bookgara is a digital platform in Nepal, created to help regular people find services, products, and news and events, all in one service platform. As it is a community-based platform, the problems faced by the community are solved by the people in the community itself. The platform has all the information required to make your day-to-day life more straightforward, and is very precise to fulfill your needs. As of now, the platform has more than 2,250 vendors in 115 categories, who are offering 10,000+ services.

A unique service platform in Nepal – Bookgara 

Nepal is entering into the digitalization era but the service delivery method is still in its primitive age. Most of the people are in dilemma when it comes to searching for skilled manpower for the services they require. Hence, to replace the outdated service model, Bookgara has come up with an idea for a platform which can safely and efficiently connect skilled manpower and service seekers. A great idea with proper execution became Bookgara – a community where people offering all kinds of services can conveniently connect with their potential clients via the online-based platform.

One of the major concerns for both clients and vendors is the safety of their money. Bookgara is trying to bridge that trust issue with a money guarantee service. Here, they make sure that vendors will not run with money without completing the work by withholding the amount that clients have paid until the service has been completed. The clients will have to pay for only the services they received and Bookgara makes sure that both parties will hold their end of the bargain.

How does the Bookgara platform work?

BookGara interacts between two players, the service provider and the prospective client by creating an interconnected network.They are redefining the process of providing and receiving any service with an aim to empower both the players in the equation. Bookgara empowers service providers by providing them a platform to showcase their skills while empowering consumers by providing them with all the information to help them make an informed decision.

The transaction of service is recorded by the ratings and review system where both players are rewarded or penalized depending on their performance, thus keeping a system of check and balance. The platform aims to help create a system where everyone involved will strive to perform admirably at every step and help us to change the service industry of Nepal.

Bookgara has handpicked individuals who specialize in web creation, data collection, customer service, etc. and formed a team who will give their best to connect service providers with service seekers by understanding each service seeker’s specific need. After a large-scale implementation, this platform will lead to a whole new experience of booking services in Nepal.
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