The All New Stylish Dell XPS 13 2020

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13

Dell just launched the new revamped version of the  Dell XPS 13. They revamped it this year too which I didn’t expect because they redesigned it last year too and last years’ design was pretty good, but they completely redid it this year too. They improved it on a lot of features but they also sacrificed on some too. Dell is always known for innovating and this year at CES2020, Dell takes its innovation to the next level by completely removing the bezel from their Infinity Edge Display.

The new XPS is virtually borderless, the first of its kind. Talking more about the design and aesthetics of the laptop, it is incredibly nice looking. It is small, compact, and lightweight which will definitely be easier to carry around. The surface of the laptop is made with anodized aluminum with either carbon fiber or woven glass fiber for the interior. With the new design of the notebook, it is 2% smaller than its predecessor.

The display is larger now with 13.4 inches and is made of Gorilla Glass 6 and because the design is smaller this time the keyboard extends as edge-to-edge and the touchpad is 17% larger than the old design. The laptop is lighter and thinner than many of its competing laptops.

List of Specification of Dell XPS 13

  1. Display

As I already mentioned about the borderless design, the display of the laptop now extends edge to edge which gives the laptop a bit futuristic look as we can see a lot of thick bezel laptops still in the market. The bezel is a visible measure only at 0.5 inches. Without the bottom bezel, Dell has successfully squeezed a 13.4 inches screen into an 11-inch form factor. The screen’s aspect ratio has also changed it this year to a 16:10 aspect ratio from the more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio.

It has a lot of more vertical space in a 13.4-inch screen. I think this is the best aspect ratio for this type of device. The screen is bright and it’s got a pretty good color accuracy. The brightness goes to 480 nt at full brightness with 97% RGB and 72% sRBG. Even with this few bezels, Dell has squeezed the camera of the laptop at the top of the laptop which also supports Windows Hello this year.  

2. Ports

The port selection on this year’s XPS is a little on the low side as it has one USB C on the left and one USB C on the right side of the laptop. Altogether this year’s laptop has two USB C whereas the 2019 XPS had altogether three ports.

If you are a heavy peripheral guy than you will definitely need an extender. And also, the laptop has an audio jack on the left side of the laptop. This year’s XPS is also missing the battery life indicator on the right side of the laptop which till now was in all the XPS laptops. This removal is not a big deal in my opinion.

3. Keyboard

Another subtle change on the XPS 13 that can be found is on the keyboard or rather under the keyboard. The full-sized island-style keyboard changed the maglev keyboard with the new rubber keycaps design. The typing experience reduces the key travel and typing is more persistent. Typing feels good for a while, but we have to test it on a full day of work.

4. Battery life

On its own tests, Dell reports that the XPS 13’s battery lasted 10 hours of streaming and 19 hours on the Mobile Mark benchmark. In my opinion, the battery on the base model of the laptop should last up to 12 hours according to the previous laptop with the 1080p screen and about 8 hours with the 4K OLED version.

Bottom Line

The new Dell XPS 13 shows us that Dell is not about of ideas yet and has still got some up to their sleeves and knows to push it. The notebook is improving patiently improving in a bunch of small ways which adds up to a big deal leap for the system. This is a pretty good work laptop because of its slim, slick design and not to mention the lightweight of the laptop which helps in portability too. It is a great productivity laptop and can also be great for creators for editing and other works. At such a low price and the facilities, it gives it is really a deal from Dell.

All the information was gathered through the Dell’s Official Website. For more Tech and Auto related contents check us at The Technomatics.

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