Here’s how you can increase your phone’s life.

Ways to increase your phone’s life.

In this day and age, everything has become faster and simpler. Technologies have advanced quite a lot which has allowed us to perform tasks with full efficiency. All the work that would seem hard before has become relatively easy and simplified because of the advancement in science and technologies.

Among those technologies, one that we use on a regular basis is a phone. A phone plays an important role in our day to day life. From providing information to feeding on information, it can do it all. It is like a mini computer that fits in the palm of one’s hand.

Storing data and information has become ever so easy with the help of mobile devices. Clicking photos, keeping tabs on official work, listening to music and such are now just a few clicks away. But sooner or later the condition of your phone will start deteriorating. Well you can always change to another phone and then transfer all the data from your previous phone to the new one.But not all people will buy a new phone after their phone starts acting up. For those people, here are some few ways to increase the life of your phone and its components.

 Prevent Overheating

Any electronic device will heat over time after repeated use. But if you start feeling the heat rising up, then it might deteriorate the condition of the device or appliances. In terms of phones, there are a lot of ways a phone can overheat.

Increase your phone's life
Increase your phone’s life

Among all those ways, the most common is the brightness setting. There is a high chance your device may overheat if you set your brightness level to the max, and doing so for a longer period of time may cause the internal component to malfunction. There are also a lot of applications in the play store that will cause the device to overwork and over heat, mostly mobile games which have high priority over the CPU and GPU of the phone.

But various third party companies have started developing cooler for phones to prevent the phone from overheating which has elongated the lifespan of countless mobile devices.

Battery and Charging

Battery plays a crucial role in a phone. It provides the power and energy to keep the device running. But like all good things must come to an end, eventually the battery life will decrease and the user will have no other option but to replace the battery or buy a new phone all together.

Increase your phone’s life

But there are few things that if a user does, will decrease the life of the battery rather quicker than usual like Operating the device in a high temperature place, deep discharging but the most common being over-charging the phone. Though nowadays phones can stop the charging when the battery is full and are efficient but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can leave your phone charging all the time.

Overcharging the phone or operating the device in a hot place does have a high tendency to degrade the battery life quicker than usual. So we advise you, not to charge the phone more than its limit and do not keep it in warm and hot places. If the battery has degraded, you can always change the battery, rather than the device itself.

Protective Cases and Glasses

Now that mobile devices have become more and more integrated with our lives, it feels like we won’t be able to perform any task without the help of such devices. But, a phone being a compact and small cellular device, it may fall into hard surfaces or water bodies, dust might be able to enter inside the small hole that is present on the phone. That is where the protective cases and glasses for the phones come into action.

Increase your phone’s life

We wear clothes to protect from dust, dirt, wind, rain, etc. Similarly, protective cases for the phone do the same thing. Protective cases protect the phone from falling and being damaged into hard surfaces or liquid. Most of the phones nowadays are waterproof, so falling into water bodies is not that stressful as it was before. Protective cases can also prevent the body of the phone from being damaged. Protective glasses on the other hand protects that precious display on the phone you so dearly love.

There are a lot of Protective Cases and Glasses are available in the market in abundance so the user has vast varieties to choose from. But some companies have started manufacturing Grade-A cases that can protect phones from any external shock, dust, water and keep the phone as new as possible. The downside to these cases is that they tend to make the phone bulkier.


Like as an application gets a new update to fix the problem that persisted in the previous version similarly, phones also get updates whether it be an IOS or Android to fix a problem that could slow down the device, weaken the security or possibly ruin the phone.

Increase your phone’s life

It is not recommended to skip on these system updates. Skipping on such crucial updates can lead to third party association to steal users personal information, malwares to plague the device and rendering the device completely useless and so and so forth. 

So to extend the phone’s life, you should update your phone as soon as possible when the new update rolls out whether it be a small security update or a massive system update.


Backup has never been useless to anyone. Backing up information that is stored in any device is like reinforcing the data. If anything goes wrong with the device, you don’t have to worry about the data that was present in that particular device. Same can be said for phones as well. Backing up data that is present in the phone ensures that even when your phone dies, the data in it is safe and can be accessed from another device.

Increase your phone’s life

It is not just recommended to devices that are failing but to almost all electronic devices in which one can store information on. You never know when a disaster can strike.

These were the ways through which you can extend the life of your phone instead of changing to a new one. Since phones play a big part in our daily lives, it’s heartbreaking when your phone gets damaged and unrepairable without being able to recover the data inside. Hope this article has helped you keep your phone in great condition and increase your phone’s life.

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