Legendary Gears Nepal. One-Stop Solution for Riding Accessories In Nepal

Legendary Gears Nepal

The riding gears have always been very important in the biking world. Where there is a popular product we all know that the duplicates don’t take time to arrive. Today we are going to talk about a company that provides authentic riding accessories in Nepal.

As the name the Legendary Gears Nepal is the one-stop solution for the riding Gears, riding accessories, power parts and many more things. The legendary gears nepal is place where you can order anything related to riding accessories and gears with 100% original products delivering all over nepal.

Legendary Gears Nepal was founded by a core rider frustrated with lack of product availability in Nepal. Later on Legendary Gears Nepal was officially published with a team of two.

The goal of the Legendary Gears Nepal is to fulfill the requirements of Nepali motorcycle riders with genuine and quality international products to improve their riding experience and safety.

The legendary Gears Nepal deals with Top brands like Pirelli, Metzler, HJC, Liqui moly, and many more.

Some of the basic riding gears available in Legendary Gears Nepal are

1) Riding Boots

Riding bootsPrice (NPR)
Alpinestars  Faster 219,500
Alpinestars Faster 325,000
Fox Racing Comp Boots28,000
Harley-Davidson® Men’s Black Severn Leather Riding Boot 32,000
RST Tractech Evo III Short CE Motorcycle Boot21,000
Riding Boots, available In
Legendary Gears Nepal

2) Riding Gloves

Riding GlovesPrice (NPR)
Fox Racing Mens Airline Race Gloves MX Motocross Off Road4,500
Dainese Alley D Dry11,000
Dainese Carbon D1 Long24,500
Dainese Air Hero Gloves13,000
Dainese D1 Short Carbon19,500
Rynox Air GT Gloves  5,500
Spidi Tx1  10,500
Riding Gloves, Available at
Legendary Gears In Nepal

3) Riding Jackets

Riding JacketsPrice NPR
Alpinestars T GP R Air Jacket45,000
Rynox Air GT3 Jacket14,000
Komine Affordable 2piece Suit50,000
Riding Jackets and suits, Available at
Legendary Gears In Nepal

4) Riding Pants

Riding PantsPrice
Fox Racing 360 Pants15,000
Rynox Airtex Pants14,000
Komine Motorcycle Jeans PK718 Model9,500
Riding Pants, Available at
Legendary Gears In Nepal

5) Helmets

Ls2 Stream Evo6,500
HJC CS-1513,500
Agv K125,000
AGV K3SV30,000
HJC DSX124000-34000 (depends on the color)
Fox V127,000
Agv Veloce S55000
Agv Ax8  45,000
Hjc Rpha 70  55,000
Hjc Rpha 1155000-85000 (Depends on graphics)
HJC Rpha 11 Captain America 2019  85,000
HJC Rpha 11 Venom 285,000
          Hjc Rpha 11 iannone  65,000
Hjc Rpha 11 Spiderman  85,000
AGV Corsa R95000-1,30,000
Agv Pista Gp R Soleluna 2018  1,45,000-1,95,000  
Ruroc Atlas Ronin 2.0 Special Edition85,000
Arai RX-7V HAYDEN95,000
Shoei X-1475,000 (depends on the color)
Legendary Gears Nepal
Premium Helmets Available at
Legendary Gears In Nepal

So these were the some of basic gears available at the Legendary Gears Nepal. You can contact the Legendary Gears Nepal at



Stay tuned for the more riding accessories and gears related content. We will provide you the information about authentic riding gears and acessories


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