Mobile Accessories in Nepal as of 2020

Mobile Accessories in Nepal

Technologies and different inventions has taken over our lives. It has aided us in many different ways and has helped us to keep ourselves organized. Among these technologies, the most common are the mobile phones. With phones one can travel the world while still remaining in the comfort of his or her home.

The design and functions of phones has changed a lot from the past years. There were those bulky phones only made for conversations then, there were flip phones. One could capture photos and memories. Then there was sliding phones, pen touch and so on. All these features were unique at that time as it tried it’s best  to make people’s lives easier and efficient.

Now in 2020, Mobile devices have evolved. They have changed a lot. Long gone are those days where you had press a button three times for the third alphabet. Now in this busy world, people don’t have time for that. They want everything to be fast, effective and efficient. Time is a valuable thing, so why various phone manufacturers have implemented unique features, developed unique gadgets and implemented various other functions to keep the transition between real life and virtual life seamless.

Today in this Article, we have bought you The Mobile Accessories in Nepal that has made our lives easier.

Mobile Accessories in Nepal as of 2020.

Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds and Air pods are the norm nowadays. It took over the world by storm when they were first announced by Apple in 2016. It was something no one had tried before. People didn’t had to worry about long earphone cable and those cable being tangled. After the success of Apple’s air bud many big brand started to adapt to the new technology as well as third parties. Brand Such as Samsung has adapted and released their own version of earbuds.

Mobile Accessories in Nepal
Wireless Earbuds (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

This has become the most used mobile accessories in Nepal as well. Not only renowned brands but regular people have also started to adapt to this somewhat revolutionary technology. People don’t have to really worry about earphones wire being tangled with any other things. Since wires has been dropped, it has been more compact. With its small and slick rechargeable cases, portability has been better than ever.

Wireless Earbuds

Some of the favored Wireless Earbuds or Air pods are:

Galaxy Buds ( White/ Black/Silver/Yellow)

Apple Airpods 1

Apple Airpods 2

Apple Airpods Pro

Huawei Freelace

One Plus Wireless 2

These are the few trending earbuds and airpods that are currently available in Nepal.

Wireless Charger

Similar to Wireless earbuds, this was a revolutionary invention. Though it went under the radar when it was first released as a feature alongside Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. But as time changed, it was officially introduced and now many phones have started to adopt the wireless charging function. Wireless charging has adapted to the fast charging.

Wireless Charger (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Nowadays Wireless Charger has become ever so popular and has become the most used mobile accessories in Nepal. This particular device has made charging seamless. No more struggling with plugging the wire with the phone. Just drop the phone and watch it charge. Now, many companies has witnessed wireless benefits so they have made their phones capable of fast charging through wireless means.

There are wide varieties of wireless charging pad available in the market. It is a widely known product and almost all tech stores sells them.

Phone Cases

Nowadays phones has made our lives a lot easier. Phone helps us to keep notes, reminders, data regarding official tasks and more. We store a lot of information in our phones like contacts and all but if the phone became un-operational because you unfortunately dropped it, it would be devastating. Phone cases helps to minimize the chances of breaking you phones.

(Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Not only does phone cases prevent the chances of your phone breaking when dropped, but it also prevents the phone’s body being scratched. Phone cases tries to keep your phone as new as possible so there is no reason not to apply a phone case in your phone.

There are a wide variety of phone cases available in the market.  Many phones provide a translucent silicon case in their phone box. Applying cases on a phone is all about ones preference.

Power Bank

When you are out somewhere and want to make and urgent call but then you realize that your phone battery is dead , how devastating would that be? Yes, we all have gone through that phase once or twice. Since we all know how phones play an integral part in our lives, if it suddenly dies we has no other choice but to find power outlet to charge the phone. Some urgent works are delayed, calls won’t be registered and so on. To prevent such atrocity, a device known as Power bank are available in the market..

(Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

It’s as its name suggests. It’s a bank for power to charge any devices. Though the amount of charge varies from bank to bank, but even if it charges your phone a little, it becomes a great deal when your phone is dead. This particular device has become one of the must have accessories in Nepal. Not just Nepal but worldwide. It’s portable, so if your phone dies anywhere in the world you can charge your phone immediately.

Now that people know the importance of power banks, it is available in abundance in Nepali tech market. Each varies upon how much energy it can store, So we suggest you browse the store whether it be online or IRL.

MicroSD Cards

We as a human, want a little more of anything nice. Same goes for the storage of phones or any other devices. No matter how much empty storage we have on our devices, we still want a little more. That’s when MicroSD cards come into action. They provide people with the so desired storage space. Though phones nowadays have made certain boundaries on what data can be stored in a MicroSD cards.

Mobile Accessories in Nepal
(Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

It’s up to ones preferences whether they want to add a SD card in their phone. Though application are not able to be installed, other valuable data such as photos, videos or any other documents can be stored in an SD card. SD cards are available in a lot of variants, some are expensive whereas some are cheap.

MicroSD cards are available in abundance in the Tech store in Nepal. Price of these cards differ according to the size it provides and its quality.

Screen Protectors

A phone is made whole by its beautiful display able to show the user the world. Phone is nothing without its display. So to protect that valuable thing on your phone, many manufacturers have manufactured screen protectors. As the name implies, Screen protectors protect the screen of a phone. It prevents scratches and other anomaly from appearing on the display. It also protects the screen if you ever drop your phone.

Mobile Accessories in Nepal
Screen Protectors (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Screen protector is a very important accessories for your phones. It acts as an armor for your display. Screen protectors were on scene from way back, now it has become a norm of apply these glass on the phones. They are available in abundance in the market and for almost all the phones that are available in the market.

The price range of Screen protectors has remained the same and is available for a very cheap amount.

Mobile Lens

If you are photogenic or like taking photos of beautiful sceneries, this is for you. These lenses allow the user to click unique photos from their phones. The Megapixels doesn’t really change as this is an attachment to the main camera and acts as a regular lens. But it’s not like these lens have no other redeeming qualities. They have their own features, allowing the user to alter the picture in their own liking.

Mobile Accessories in Nepal
Mobile Lens (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Being bulkier in nature, it is recommended that you install this attachment only when taking photos. There are a lot of third party brands that manufacture these lenses. Every lens are different and have their own redeemable factors. It’s a matter of pricing, if a product is expensive then it must be a good product, Universal rule. This particular accessories is not as popular in Nepal as in other countries, but it’s all on the preference of the user.

Selfie Sticks

Everybody and their grandmothers know what selfie sticks are and about its function. It was all the hype in the past years. It allows people to take selfies from a whole new perspective. People could take photos from a different and lively angles. It was quite a unique product when it was first released. Though it’s hype has downed a lot nowadays, but it doesn’t mean it’s useless. People can still take unique photos.

Selfie Sticks (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Selfie Sticks are available in almost all the tech store. It is one of the common and most used mobile accessory in Nepal. There are wide varieties of selfie sticks available in the market with different features. Selfie sticks aren’t meant for only taking selfies. With its extendable body, one can take unique and beautiful scenery shots. It takes a little creativity and voilà you have great photo in your album.

Tripods and Mobile Gimbal

This the best accessory for a videographer. It allows a user to take unique shots in their videos. Tripods are widely used to capture vlog. Tripods are also used to take some amazing still shots. Whereas for gimbals, they are the perfect accessory for taking a cinematic shot. A motorized mechanism makes the phone move for perfect slow cinematic shot.

Tripods and Mobile Gimbal (Mobile Accessories in Nepal)

Tripods and Gimbals are rather uncommon in Nepal. Many people prefer professional Gimbals and tripods for their DSLR. But nowadays, the camera on phones are as good as DSLR cameras. So people who are into videography but don’t own a professional camera, can try out this accessory for their phones for making amazing videos. This is a best option for beginner videographer.

These were the Mobile accessories in Nepal that are trending and on the way to the trend. Prices of these accessories keep changing as the market fluctuates. All these accessories make the lives of people easier and seamless. Most of the Products are available here.

For more information regarding tech, gadgets and automobiles, Stay Tuned.


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