Stylish Sports Cars In Nepal 2020

Sports Cars In Nepal Available in the Nepalese Market in 2020

1) Ford Mustang

The ford mustang needs no introduction it’s the world’s favorite muscle car since march 1964 to present it is one of the longest produced car in the history to the present. The Ford Mustang is famous for its crazy power and its muscular looks.

The Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 launched in Nepal for Rs. 1,69,00000 in NADA Auto Show back in 2018. GO Automobiles, the official distributor of Ford Cars in Nepal, has officially started to sell this car. Ford Mustang is one of the best Sports Cars In the Nepalese market.

Sports Cars In Nepal
Ford Mustang
Price 1,69,00000

Engine Displacement        4951cc engine
Mileage       4kmpl
No. of Cylinders 8
Torque  515 Nm@9000rpm
Power   396 BHP @ 9000rpm
Body Type Coupe
Top Speed           260kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity         60.9L
Weight  1770 Kg
No. of Gears       6 Speed
Ground Clearance           137mm

2) DC Avanti

The Stylish DC Avanti is a coupe type sports car manufactured by DC Design. The DC Avanti comes with y a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged powerful petroleum engine which generates 250 bhp with a gearbox of a six-speed manual transmission.

The Avanti is one of the cheapest sports car available in the Indian and Nepalese market. The car comes with the price tag of Rs 1,35,00000 Ramro Motors has kept this one piece for sale. This is one of the best ground clearance having Sports Cars In Nepal

DC Avanti
Price 1,35,00000

ARAI Mileage10.0 kmpl
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Displacement (cc)2000
Max Power (bhp@rpm)250bhp@5500rpm
Max Torque (nm@rpm)340Nm@2750-5000rpm
Seating Capacity2
Fuel Tank Capacity60
Body TypeCoupe

3) Peugot RCZ

Peugeot a French four wheeler manufacturing car company had produced this beautiful car in 2009 till the present. the car was firstly showcased in the Frankfurt auto show in 2009 and is available in more than 70+ countries.

The car comes with the price tag of Rs 1,25,00000 from Kishore Gears Private Limited.

Sports Cars In Nepal
Peugeot RCZ
Price 1,25,00000

Engine Type4 Cylinders, 16V DOHC
Fuel TypePetrol
Transmission 6 Speed Automatic
Maximum Power156 Bhp @ 5800 rpm
Maximum Torque1424 kg
Body TypeCoupe
Weight1424 kg
Fuel Tank55L
Ground Clearance142mm

 So these were the Sports Cars In Nepalese market in 2020 .For more similar content check us at

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