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Sony on point with Playstation 5.

After a long wait, People have finally received what they have hoped for.  On 11th June 2020, Sony revealed Its brand new gaming console. All the Playstation fans around the world were excited, I included. In this particular reveal event, Sony showed off their new console with all new IPs and Sequels of renowned Titles. Though these trailer/teaser didn’t particularly look next-gen, it sure did a great job at hyping the players all around the world.

But the hype when the console and its peculiar design was revealed can’t be outmatched. We had never thought that PS5 would look like the way it looks and when it was revealed to the world, it blew our minds. The sleek, slim, Alien technology design can’t be compared to its competitors in the market.

Playstation was revealed a couple of days ago. Its Price hasn’t quite been public yet. But, various media sources have pointed out that, though Playstation 5 price may be higher than the Playstation 4 when it was released, It won’t particularly break the banks of buyers. Rumors and leaks suggest Playstation 5 will be around $500 USD. Though with the specs it has been packed with, it has the right to be a little pricey.

In this Reveal event, Sony Announced not only games and its new console but, it also provided information regarding the new features of the consoles. Sadly, for people who were looking forward to having a small screen on the new controller, Sony apparently didn’t do that and decided the touchpad is good enough for continuation. But, it’s not like Sony didn’t add any new feature to the controller. Gone are the days of Dual Shock as Sony revealed their new controller to be Dual Sense.

Dual Sense as in a sense that controller vibration seems to trigger in a particular point rather than vibrating the whole controller all at once. It seems to be packed with Haptic Feedback feature and adaptive-resistance triggers which enables the player to feel the game itself rather than just play it. Immersion has entered the chat. Though design-wise it looks nothing over the top, feature-wise, it is a leap forward after Dual Shock series. And it’s new controller charging stand looks unique as well.

Speaking of the leap, Sony has gone over the top to provide the gamers some truly next-gen experience. Rather than using some Laptop’s CPU, Sony integrated all-new chipset made specifically made for consoles. By the looks of the specification Sony provided, Playstation 5 is approximately 10x better and faster than the Playstation 4.

PlayStation 5

The all-new Playstation 5 operates on AMD’s Zen 2 Based CPU with 8 cores at the clock speed of 3.5Ghz. Not only that but, It also has the GPU of 10.2 TFLOPs and 36 CUs running at the frequency of 2.23Ghz which is based on a Custom RDNA 2 Architecture type.

In order to operate the Playstation’s new interface and run games, Sony has installed 16 GB of GDDR6 256 bit memory running at a bandwidth of 448Gb/s. And in order to minimize those atrociously long load times, Sony has integrated a Custom built 825GB SSD. This only means that player no longer has to stare at a load screen while playing games such as Grand Theft Auto V which is apparently being ported to NextGen as well.

 Something that didn’t really change is the disk drive. Sony opted for a 4k Blu-ray but, Sony isn’t at fault. 8k is well very far from reach and when it becomes a norm Sony will likely use it. Sony seems to have gone it’s competitors route as they revealed two consoles, one with a disk drive and other completely digital.

While we are on the topic of the disk and digital, this time it looks like Sony has given a lot of focus on backward compatibility and it’s a good thing. There are a lot of amazing exclusive titles in the library of Playstation 4. Infamous: Second Son, Uncharted 4: A thief’s end, Grand Turismo7, Bloodborne, Marvel’s Spiderman, God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, and so on. I myself and million others have loved these titles and enjoyed spending hours in each title’s immersive world. It would be a real bummer if all these amazing titles were not playable in the latest and greatest tech of Playstation 5.

Not only the controller or the console but Sony has also revealed a couple of new accessories for the Playstation 5. It seems like Sony is releasing a new headphone for the Playstation 5 which provides surround sound features and more. Come on, it’s Sony, they do a very good job in the audio department. This all-new headphone commemorates the new design of the Playstation as it too looks unique and sleek.

It even looks like Sony is marketing their new Playstation remote controller. It preferably is for the PS Tv but who knows what else can it do. Maybe it’s for operating various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll, etc. and it’s Youtube app.

Sony has also introduced its new and improved version of the Playstation camera. Though seeing as Playstation 3 ‘s camera flopped and Playstation 4 ‘s camera didn’t really stand out, Sony must have implemented some new features in the camera like not looking like it’s spying on people. I’m just saying, we are all paranoid about that.

With all been said and done, Sony has stated that it won’t be manufacturing a large unit of its NextGen console as Sony seems to be struggling with the price due to the parts of it being very costly. So, Sony won’t be putting out huge units of Playstation 5 as it did with Playstation 4.

In the end, will Playstation 5 be worth buying? It’s hard to say a matter of fact. Well, it is said that one shouldn’t buy day one products and it might be right as well. Many game developers in house and third party have announced that they won’t be developing any IPs specifically directed towards the new Playstation till late next year. They are sticking with the Multi-Platform route for now as the titles announced in this reveal event doesn’t really hit the mark of NextGen. It clearly looks like a Playstation 4 title with added real-time ray tracing feature.

PlayStation 5

Playstation 5 drops in the market this Holiday Season with all-new exclusive titles.

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